Echinopsis eyriesii f. cristata | ‘Crested Sea Urchin Cactus’ | Live plant


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Echinopsis eyriesii f. cristata, the beautiful ‘Crested Sea Urchin Cactus’! Live plant.

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Echinopsis eyriesii f. cristata | ‘Crested Easter Lily Cactus’, ‘Crested Sea Urchin Cactus’ | Live plant

Another eye-catching addition to our extensive range of mutant cacti and succulents, Echinopsis eyriesii f. cristata is a bizarre, crested form which is rather popular among collectors. This listing is for live, rooted plants.

This is an eye-catching mutant type of Echinopsis eyriesii which apparently originates from nursery cultivation. A variegated form of this cristate cactus (Echinopsis eyriesii f. cristata variegata) is also known. Eyriesii as standard is a dark green and roughly cylindrical, globular to elongated cactus which reaches approximately thirty centimetres tall by fifteen centimetres / twelve inches by six inches or so in diameter. However, this crested type forms crazy, brain-like and fanning mounds (as do many other cristate cacti).

The species as a whole is generally caespitose in growth and occurs in parts of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, preferring lowland, continental or tropical habitats up to one-thousand metres / three-thousand-two-hundred-and-eighty-feet above sea level. It’s named for French researcher Alexandre Eyries and forms a complex with Echinopsis multiflora, Echinopsis multiplex and Echinopsis oxygona (and hybrids thereof).

Plant this one in a well-drained, mildly-alkaline to mildly-acidic soil mix – we generally use roughly equal parts perlite and soil in ours – and water only once the top few centimetres / inches of soil are dry to the touch. Lightly fertilise two or three times each year and your plant will soon reward you with impressive growth!

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Live plant


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~9 cm tall, ~12 cm diameter

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Crested Sea Urchin Cactus







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