ūüĆĶ FREAKY CACTI: Specialising in rarer and mutant Trichocereus cacti ūüĆĶ

Specialising in supplying interesting and harder to find Trichocereus / Echinopsis and other cactus and succulent species, Freaky Cacti currently offers 216 distinct plants, seeds and related items (120 of which are in stock today). Of these, 160 are Trichocereus cacti – with hundreds more expected to join our catalogue over time. We ship to most EU countries, accepting payment in Euros by bank transfer (SEPA). While we don’t currently supply CITES or phytosanitary paperwork, we do expect to offer these, to service more countries and to add more payment options (such as debit and credit cards) soon. Consider joining our occasional email list to keep abreast of developments.

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Freaky Cacti aims to be your go-to source for all your favourite Trichocereus and other cactus and succulent species, subspecies, forms, hybrids, varieties and cultivars. In this pursuit, we provide live plants of and involving species and nomen nudums such as Trichocereus andalgalensis, Trichocereus arboricola, Trichocereus atacamensis, Trichocereus bertramianus, Trichocereus boliviensis, Trichocereus bolligerianus, Trichocereus bridgesii, Trichocereus camarguensis, Trichocereus candicans, Trichocereus caulescens, Trichocereus chalaensis, Trichocereus chiloensis, Trichocereus coquimbanus, Trichocereus cordobensis, Trichocereus crassicaulis, Trichocereus cuzcoensis, Trichocereus deserticolus, Trichocereus faundezii, Trichocereus glaucus, Trichocereus grandiflorus, Trichocereus hahnianus, Trichocereus huanucoensis, Trichocereus huarazensis, Trichocereus huascha, Trichocereus knuthianus, Trichocereus lamprochlorus, Trichocereus macrogonus, Trichocereus narvaecensis, Trichocereus pachanoi, Trichocereus pallarensis, Trichocereus peruvianus, Trichocereus puquiensis, Trichocereus purpureopilosus, Trichocereus riomizquensis, Trichocereus rowleyi, Trichocereus santaensis, Trichocereus santiaguensis, Trichocereus schickendantzii, Trichocereus scopulicola, Trichocereus shaferi, Trichocereus schoenii, Trichocereus skottsbergii, Trichocereus smrzianus, Trichocereus spachianus, Trichocereus strigosus, Trichocereus tacaquirensis, Trichocereus taquimbalensis, Trichocereus tarijensis, Trichocereus terscheckii, Trichocereus thelegonoides, Trichocereus thelegonus, Trichocereus tulhuayacensis, Trichocereus undulosus, Trichocereus uyupampensis, Trichocereus validus, Trichocereus vasquezii, Trichocereus vatteri, Trichocereus walteri and Trichocereus werdermannianus. If the plants you desire are out of stock when you visit us, join the waiting list and/or our email list to be the first to know when we’ve grown more!

Freaky Cacti’s Newest Plants, Seeds and Sundries

We’re totally addicted to cacti and succulents in all forms (especially, as you may already have noticed, the many Trichocereus), hence are often adding cool new product lines to our online shop. A selection from our latest offerings (in-stock items only) is listed below, but you can also browse all our plants by order of newness (as well as by several other parameters).

Freaky Cacti’s Hybrid Cacti

We sell an increasingly wide variety of exquisite cactus hybrids, including many, many Trichocereus crossbreeds. Such cacti derive from highly-regarded international breeders past and present – including Hans Britsch (Western Cactus Enterprises), Jim Hall (Cactus Country), Misplant, Robert Gr√§ser, Robert Schick (International Succulent Introductions) and Rodni Kisar. Here’s a small random sample of such plants which we currently have in stock; for your delectation. Join our mailing list if you’re particularly into this area, as we’re constantly adding new and interesting hybrid varieties from around the world!

Freaky Cacti’s Locality Cacti

Likely frustrating any trained botanists browsing this site (sorry!), our locality range includes both collection numbers (specifying material originating from a specific plant growing in a specific region, collected on a specific date), locality numbers (indicating one of a number of plants originating from a specific geographical location) and simple locations (place names roughly pinpointing where a particular genetic line originates from). Here’s a few in-stock examples, but you can view all of these locality types here.

Freaky Cacti’s Mutant Cacti

The Freaky Cacti team work hard to bring you the best in mutant cacti, including cristate (cristata), dichotomous (dicotomica), monstrose (monstrosa), polytomous (polytomica), spineless (inermis) and variegate (variegata) forms, and combinations thereof. We carry many commonly available European types here, such as Trichocereus bridgesii f. monstrosa cristata, as well as a number of much rarer forms, owned only by very few cactus and succulent collectors – plus a few ultra-exclusive cacti which occurred spontaneously here in our nursery! Below is a small selection of such plants which are currently available from our shop – and here’s all the cactus mutants we sell.

Freaky Cacti’s Grafting Stock

Freaky Cacti aims to be a comprehensive European source of popular cactus grafting stock, including several rarer plants. Currently, we offer selected species from the Hylocereus, Myrtillocactus, Pereskiopsis, Selenicereus and – of course! – the Trichocereus. Don’t forget to add your email address to the waiting list should your desired grafting stock be unavailable when you visit. Many such plants grow much faster than, for example, Trichocereus species, and we update our stock levels regularly. Below are five randomly-sorted root stock plants which we sell here in our shop, but you can also view all such items by clicking this link.

At Freaky Cacti, we pride ourselves on being a responsible and passionate business, run by an experienced and dedicated individual with a deep affinity for cacti and other plants. Our primary goal is to provide you with a variety of unique and rare cacti and succulent plants, seeds and related accessories. We aim not only to satisfy your horticultural desires, but also to inspire and foster your botanical interests, working continually to improve and expand our business and the information we provide on our website. This includes comprehensive details about our project, as well as general information about cacti and other plants. We believe that educating our customers about plants and botany is an essential part of our mission.

Please feel free to reach out to us via email if you have any queries or need assistance. Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and excellent customer service ‚Äď and we‚Äôre always looking for ways to improve and expand our offerings based on your feedback. We appreciate your trust in us and are committed to supporting you on your botanical journey.