Trichocereus vasquezii | Live plant

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Trichocereus vasquezii | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis vasquezii, Soehrensia vasquezii)

Freaky Cacti is extremely happy to now be able to share this ultra-rare Bolivian cactus species; Trichocereus vasquezii! Available seasonally, as healthy, well-rooted plants, cloned from a mother plant we originally received from a German grower.

So, the rarely-encountered Trichocereus vasquezii (synonymous with Echinopsis vasquezii and Soehrensia vasquezii) is a lovely green, cylindrical branching species, which reaches to roughly ninety centimetres / thirty-six inches tall (in clumps) and produces gorgeous, white flowers. Such flowers are followed by globular to ovoid, greenish-brown fruits (these latter parts averaging a maximum of roughly six centimetres in length). Its stems are covered with needle-like, reddish-brown spines, which tend to get progessively greyer as time passes, growing to perhaps six centimetres or so in length.

Originating from around Cochabamba, in the Santa Cruz region of Bolivia, vasquezii was originally named by the late cactus enthusiast and author, Gordon Rowley, and is currently considered as “near-threatened” by the IUCN/CITES. Incidentally, we’ve only found two records of wild collections of this elusive species, with both appearing to refer to the same material (obtained by Walter Rausch, in the Catalinas, Pojo to Comarapa; one record says “R 619”, the other, “WR 619”).

We grow this species in similar fashion to other Bolivian cacti in our collection (such as the great Trichocereus bridgesii). Essentially, planted in a well-drained, mildly-acidic to mildly-alkaline soil mix (roughly equal parts soil and perlite) and watered only during the growing season, whenever the top few centimetres of soil dry out completely. Fertilise a few times each year with your preferred product (we generally dose with approximately half of the manufactuer’s recommended amount, but your mileage may vary), provide ample sunlight and a minimum temperature above freezing and you should be able to help your cacti grow happily and strong. Plant this species at least seventy-five centimetres or so apart if doing so into the ground, so it has enough room to get truly big and beautiful!

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