Trichocereus undulosus ‘GM1911’ | Live plant

Trichocereus undulosus ‘GM1911’ derives from a locality collection of this recently-described species! Live plant.

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Trichocereus undulosus ‘GM1911’ | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis undulosa)

Originating from material collected by from Los Loros in Chile, by Grzegorz Matuszewski, Trichocereus undulosus ‘GM1911’ is one of two forms of this newly-described cactus species which we sell in our shop as live, rooted plants. This sort of thing gets us very excited! There’s hardly any concrete information about this interesting cactus online, so we hope the details provided here prove useful to anybody wishing to learn more about this novel species.

First collected in 2008, at three-hundred-and-fifty-nine metres above sea level, in Provincia Limarí, Peña Blanca, undulosus is a branching, columnar cactus reaching approximately two-and-a-half-metres tall and eleven-to-fifteen centimetres in diameter. Dark-green in colour, it forms twenty rather undulating ribs, giving rise to the species’ botanical epithet. A particularly spiny beast, undulosus‘ white-flecked-with-brown spines grow up to four centimetres long, while its medium-sized blooms are white with a brown midline. The fruits of this species – averaging roughly three centimetres in diameter and two-and-a-half centimetres in length – are green and are covered with abundant grey hair.

While Trichocereus undulosus does bear a strong resemblance to it’s close relative, Trichocereus chiloensis subsp. skottsbergii, the latter cactus is more grey-green in colour, has only twelve to seventeen ribs and thinner, longer and more flexible spines (also coloured grey with black and brown, instead of the white with brown of those of undulosus).

Trichocereus undulosus is observed in the wild growing in rocky areas of low scrub. We grow ours in a well-drained mix of roughly equal parts potting soil and perlite, watering whenever the top two centimetres of the soil become completely dry. Allow the plant to go dormant over the colder and wetter winter months (rot is not the cactus grower’s friend!).


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