Trichocereus peruvianus f. semi-cristata cv. ‘TPSC’ [columns] | ‘Semi-Crested Peruvian Torch’ | Live plant

Spanish ‘TPSC’ genetics which produce both crests and columnar growth! Live plant.

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Trichocereus peruvianus f. semicristata cv. ‘TPSC’ | ‘Semi-Crested Peruvian Torch’ | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis peruviana f. semicristata cv. ‘TPSC’, Trichocereus macrogonus subsp. peruvianus f. semicristata cv. ‘TPSC’)

This listing is for a rare treat indeed – a Trichocereus peruvianus f. semi-cristata cv. ‘TPSC’ which produces both crests and columnar growth! Available as live, well-rooted plants, cloned from our original mother plant. We also sell crested clones from this same plant.

‘TPSC’ is a comparative rarity in cultivation; much more so than the majority of closely-related Trichocereus pachanoi f. cristata encountered on the collector’s market. Variously forming green-to-blue-ish columnar, cristate and semi-cristate sections, it’s a truly eye-catching mutant cactus which we’re really excited to nurture in our garden! As with similarly-crested cacti, such as Trichocereus pachanoi f. cristata and Trichocereus spachianus f. cristata, this form’s cristate growth folds into intricate, coral- or brain-like parts (check our information pages for lots more details on cactus mutations and how they come to exist). However, unlike many such plants, this one also produces columns of the more standard form – no less attractive to any discerning collector of the genus. We initially sourced these killer genetics from a friendly Spanish grower, as a strikingly beautiful, medium-sized plant consisting of five crested sections and fifteen normal columns (to provide some idea of the chance of cresting from this genetic line). However, as its offspring are living things, we hope you appreciate that we’re unable to guarantee exactly how crested each one may turn out.

We should note that similar – less reliably crested – forms of Trichocereus pachanoi are known as ‘TPQC’. There’s also a plant called ‘Nitrogen’s TPQC’, which has been described as either pachanoi or peruvianus (dependent on your preferred source) and formed crests subsequent to being chewed on by snails. However, cuttings from Nitrogen’s plant seemingly only rarely demonstrate cristate growth – if at all. Given the approximately one-in-four crests we’ve seen our plant produce so far, we’re inclined to believe that the form we’re offering here does not originate from Nitrogen – although you never know! – and likely originates randomly from a batch of seed-grown plants (as did our own Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Huancabamba’ f. cristata and Trichocereus peruvianus ‘Huancabamba’ f. monstrosa cristata cultivars).

As standard, Trichocereus peruvianus (synonymous with Echinopsis peruviana and Trichocereus macrogonus subsp. peruvianus) is a fast-growing, columnar species which is native to Peru. Sister to the famous ‘San Pedro’, or Trichocereus pachanoi, and ‘Bolivian Torch’, or Trichocereus bridgesii, it’s often confused with the related Trichocereus cuzcoensis and is a wonderful, blue-green coloured cactus. Peruvianus has been used by humans for literally thousands of years, for example, as an ornamental, for religious practice and in traditional medicine (human and veterinary).

Like most other columnar Trichocereus species, peruvianus handles far lower temperatures than many other cacti and is consequently easy to grow indoors and outdoors in several climate zones (for example, USDA Hardiness Zones eight to eleven). However, we do treat all our cristate and other mutant cacti a bit more gently than their respective standard types, as they tend to be a little more delicate. Plant in a well-drained, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil mix (we use equal parts soil and perlite), water only when the top few centimetres of soil dries out completely and lightly fertilise your plants two or three times each year. Avoid frost and you should be rewarded with a gorgeous cactus companion for many years to come!

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