Trichocereus pachanoi f. variegata | ‘Variegated San Pedro’ | Live plant


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Trichocereus pachanoi f. variegata | ‘Variegated San Pedro’ | Live plant

Here’s another excellent, yet harder to obtain cactus – Trichocereus pachanoi f. variegata, also known as ‘Variegated San Pedro’! We’re happy to offer live plants of this form in our shop, grown organically. For those who don’t yet know, variegation in cactus species occurs consequent to a local (sometimes even total) absence of green chlorophyll, resulting in marvelously banded, blotched, marbled, spotted and/or striped cacti, combining their usual green hue with areas coloured yellow, white or even red.

Trichocereus pachanoi (syn. Echinopsis pachanoi) – also known by the name ‘San Pedro’ – is a tough, fast-growing columnar cactus which occurs in parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. Native to the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes, the light to dark green pachanoi prefers an altitude range of around 6,600 to 9,800 feet, where it grows to twenty or thirty feet tall (under ideal conditions). Its stems, usually forming multiple branches from the plants base, grow to fifteen centimetres in diameter and form six to eight ribs.

Trichocereus pachanoi has been used by humans for literally thousands of years, for example, as an ornamental, for religious practice and in traditional human and veterinary medicine. Like most other columnar Trichocereus species, they can handle far lower temperatures than many other cacti and are therefore quite easy to grow indoors and outdoors in USDA Zones 8-10.

Averaging around twelve inches of new growth per year (in ideal conditions), this excellent Trichocereus cactus will reward you for years to come, as long as you’re willing to provide fertile, free-draining soil and regular watering! We tend to adjust conditions for our variegated plants on a case-by-case basis, but this particular one seems happy receiving almost as much sunlight as the standard type. However, your mileage may vary, dependent on your local environment. Don’t forget to apply a little organic fertiliser once or twice a year too!

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