Trichocereus cordobensis | Live plant

Gorgeous Trichocereus cordobensis which we originally sourced from Tenerife. Live plant.

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Trichocereus cordobensis | Live plant

Freaky Cacti loves that we’re able to offer our customers this great Trichocereus cordobensis! Available here as well-rooted clones from the mother plant we originally sourced from Tenerife.

Trichocereus cordobensis is a chunky, bright-green columnar cactus with comparatively short spination. A controversial species naming without a botanical description (now considered by many to more properly sit somewhere within the Trichocereus scopulicola spectrum), it may have originated from seeds disseminated by New Mexico Cactus Research (NMCR), in Belen, USA. Besides scopulicola, it’s been highlighted that these plants can be extremely similar in appearance to the Australian Trichocereus clones ‘Lance’ and ‘Super Pedro’ (the latter deriving from the famous Cactus Country nursery and gardens), but that seems likely to be coincidence, based on our current research. Confusingly, there was a completely different plant named Echinopsis cordobensis (the Trichocereus genus has been folded into the Echinopsis), although that species is now known as Echinopsis leucantha.

Whether one considers it a “true” species, subspecies, variety or hybrid, this cactus is easy and rewarding to cultivate. We grow ours in a well-drained, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil mix comprising of roughly fifty percent soil and fifty percent perlite (or similar material). Water only as the top few centimetres of soil become dry, lightly-fertilise a few times each year and avoid frosts, for a long and beautiful relationship with these fabulous plants!

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