Trichocereus camarguensis | Live plant

The wonderfully notched Trichocereus camarguensis is another fantastic Bolivian cactus species! Live plant.

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Trichocereus camarguensis | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis camarguensis, Echinopsis caulescens, Soehrensia camarguensis, Trichocereus caulescens)

This listing is for the standard species type of Trichocereus camarguensis, sold here as healthy, well-rooted clones taken from our mother plants.

This species is native to (and named after) the small Bolivian town of Camargo, located two-thousand-four-hundred-and-fourteen metres above sea level in the Andean Chuquisaca Department. Trichocereus camarguensis is a thin, columnar cactus, currently or previously synonymous with Echinopsis camarguensis, Echinopsis caulescens, Soehrensia camarguensis and Trichocereus caulescens.

Coloured a weak to bright green, camarguensis grows to a mature height of roughly eighty centimetres, tending toward creeping or prostrate growth as time passes. These cacti generally have between thirteen and eighteen spines, reaching a maximum of approximately five centimetres long. As are the majority of its relatives among the genus Trichocereus, camarguensis is a self-sterile, night-flowering species. Its blooms appear only briefly, and are coloured white to whitish. Successful pollination results in the production of round fruit, of a few centimetres in diameter.

This species is somewhat often mixed up with (the far rarer in cultivation) Trichocereus strigosus, which is commonly slightly different in colour, noticeably heavier in spination and a bit taller too. Camarguensis is also a popular cactus hybrid parent, due to its beautiful flowers and gorgeous notched areoles.

As with its close relative the ‘Bolivian Torch’ (Trichocereus bridgesii), camarguensis is more prone to rot due to overwatering than – for example – Trichocereus pachanoi (‘San Pedro’). Plant in a well-drained soil (more minerals, less organic matter) in USDA Climate Zones ten, eleven or twelve (lower works too if you have somewhere to overwinter them). Make sure they’ll get a decent amount of sunlight and enough room for healthy root growth, greatly helping them to grow vigorously. Essentially, don’t overwater this species and avoid frosts and you should find it nice and simple to grow healthy and happy camarguensis cacti of your very own!

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