Trichocereus bridgesii cv. ‘Psycho0’ x Trichocereus cv. ‘Super Pedro’ | Live plant

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Trichocereus ‘Psycho0’ x ‘Super Pedro’ rooted cactus hybrid. Grown organically from seed.

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Trichocereus bridgesii cv. ‘Psycho0’ x Trichocereus cv. ‘Super Pedro’ | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis lageniformis cv. ‘Psycho0’ x Echinopsis cv. ‘Super Pedro’)

Freaky Cacti proudly offers limited stocks of these young and healthy Trichocereus bridgesii cv.Psycho0′ x Trichocereus cv. ‘Super Pedro’ cactus hybrids. Grown organically from seed in sunny Spain, these fast-growing and much sought-after cacti are offered as bare-rooted plants.

The extremely popular ‘Psycho0’ clone is commonly considered to be a gorgeous and fast-growing Trichocereus bridgesii species, although it has been suggested it may have been crossed with something else somewhere along the way. The ‘Psycho0’ usually produces bridgesii-type plants with strong, long yellow spines and often forms three that are unusually strong and unique in appearance. It can also produce both short-spined and more traditional bridgesii-type cacti. Originating from the Australian Trichocereus community, it was initially distributed among a few SAB forum members and was named in memory of a community member who passed away.

‘Super Pedro’ is another clone from Australia, variously suggested to be a hybrid of species including Trichocereus cordobensis (controversially), Trichocereus pachanoi and Trichocereus scopulicola. Whatever its parentage, ‘Super Pedro’ is much-coveted for its fast and thick growth, as well as for its distinctive, sometimes glaucous, appearance. Also known by growers as ‘Lance’, ‘Shaman Bob’ and ‘Spiny Scopulicola’, the earliest source of this clone we can find was reportedly the famous and long-running Cactus Country farm in northern Victoria, Australia.

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Live plant


1 rooted plant


~10cm tall, ~15cm tall, ~24cm tall, ~4cm diameter

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Bolivian Torch, San Pedro




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