Trichocereus arboricola ‘ISI 89-32’ | Live plant

A nice arboricola variety originating from material collected by Huntington Botanical Gardens! Live plant.

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 Trichocereus arboricola ‘ISI 89-32’ | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis arboricola, Soehrensia arboricola)

Here’s yet another – relatively recently described (1997) –  cactus species which we’re hugely grateful to be able to offer from our shop! Trichocereus arboricola ‘ISI 89-32′, available as live, well-rooted plants.

Originating from material collected at one-thousand-one-hundred-metres above sea level, below Rancho Nogalar (in the Rio Chillaguatas valley), in Bolivia’s Tarija province, these particular genetics were first distributed by Huntington Botanical Gardens’ International Succulent Introductions (formerly the International Succulent Institute).

While its type locality is Bolivia (at between six-hundred and one-thousand metres above sea level), Trichocereus arboricola may also be found growing in Argentina too. It’s an interesting species, due to the fact that it starts off as a columnar plant, before later going prostrate as it matures. A comparatively delicate, green to bright-green cactus with a somewhat shiny skin, arboricola stems grow to approximately five-centimetres in diameter and over one-metre in height/length, each commonly bearing ten or more ribs. The species produces somewhere between ten and sixteen, thin and needle-like spines. Unsurprisingly for a Trichocereus species, arboricola only flowers at night, producing gorgeous, large white-to-whitish flowers which have been described as similar in appearance to one of our (many!) favourites from the genus, Trichocereus thelegonus.

We treat our arboricola cacti similarly to related species such as Trichocereus bertramianus and Trichocereus bolligerianus. Plant in a freely-draining soil mix (we use roughly equal parts perlite and mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil), watering only as the top few centimetres of soil dries out and fertilising lightly two or three times each year.

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