Soehrensia uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’ | Live plant


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Soehrensia uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’ cacti from Chile. Live plant.

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Soehrensia uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’ | Live plant

(syn. Echinopsis formosa ‘RS1956’, Echinopsis uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’, Lobivia formosa var. uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’, Trichocereus uebelmannianus ‘RS1956’)

This listing is for healthy and happy, seed-grown Soehrensia uebelmanniana ‘RS1956’ cacti. Available as rooted plants.

Soehrensia uebelmanniana – synonymous with Echinopsis formosa, Echinopsis uebelmanniana, Lobivia formosa var. uebelmanniana and Trichocereus uebelmannianus – is a cactus which is native to Argentina and Chile. Switched between the genus Echinopsis, Lobivia, Soehrensia and Trichocereus several times by taxonomists, it’s most commonly found growing in desert or dry shrubland. The form we’re selling here was collected in December, 2008, by Roman Staník, “before Gaspana“, in Chile.

As with many cacti, this one’s easy to grow, with the essential requirements being relatively high humidity, a free-draining, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil and sufficient light (full sun to light shade), water and nutrients. Space the young plants roughly a metre apart, to allow them enough room to reach maturity.

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