(Soehrensia hybrid) x (Trichocereus species x Echinopsis species) | Live plant


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An excellent, three-way intergeneric cactus crossbreed! Live plant.

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(Soehrensia hybrid) x (Trichocereus species x Echinopsis species) | Live plant

Freaky Cacti is proud to offer these nice seed-grown (Soehrensia hybrid) x (Trichocereus species x Echinopsis species) cacti, available as healthy and well-rooted plants. These mysterious, three-way intergeneric hybrid cacti certainly are interesting and attractive plants.

This crossbreed’s mother plant was a Soehrensia hybrid of some kind, which we unfortunately don’t know anything else about… However, we can say that Soehrensia is an expansive genus of cacti, collectively native to (northern) Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. Named in honour of Dutch botanist, Johannes Soehrens (????-1934), this genus is very close to Trichocereus, resulting in many botanical name changes over the years. Examples of species which have historically been moved between the Soehrensia and Trichocereus (and often the Echinopsis too), include: Trichocereus angelesiae, Trichocereus arboricola, Trichocereus camarguensis, Trichocereus candicans, Trichocereus caulescens, Trichocereus hahnianus, Trichocereus huascha, Trichocereus quadratiumbonata, Trichocereus rowleyi, Trichocereus schickendantzii, Trichocereus shaferi, Trichocereus smrzianus, Trichocereus spachianus, Trichocereus strigosusTrichocereus tarijensis, Trichocereus thelegonus, Trichocereus thelegonoides, Trichocereus vollianus and Trichocereus walteri.

Another crossbred plant which we have very little information on, the crossbreed’s father is a hybrid between an unknown Trichocereus and an unknown Echinopsis species. Such plants are popular with breeders and hobbyists alike, due to their diverse physical appearance, fabulous flowers, and tendency for compatibility for the purpose of creating new and wonderful cactus hybrids.

Unsurprisingly, we grow these as we do our other cacti: In a well-drained soil mix of roughly equal parts soil and perlite, watered only during the growing season (when the top layer of soil dries out) and fertilised a few times too. We also avoid frost wherever possible – as should you!

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