Plastic Containers with Lids (Round, 110ml / 4oz) | Transparent

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These handy plastic pots come with lids and are currently our go-to container for the germination of small batches of seed (or larger batches of rarities split up for insurance!).


Plastic Containers with Lids (Round, 110ml / 4oz) | Transparent

We swear by using these high-quality, great value transparent plastic containers with lids to start off small quantities of seeds! They’re also good for separating larger batches, maximising the chances of creating the perfect sealed microclimate and minimising loss due to fungus and such.

Measuring approximately forty millimetres / one-point-five inches tall by sixty-seven millimetres / two-point-six-three inches in diameter, these round, lidded containers (with a capacity of 110ml / 4oz) suit the germination of anywhere up to thirty or so cactus seeds, dependent on your goals. For example, we tend to grow up to that number per container (making sure to clearly label each of these with the relevant species, etc.), selecting a few of our preferred specimens for grafting on and leaving the remainder to mature.

Once the young seedlings grow too tall for the container, simply swap the lid for an inverted transparent plastic drinks cup (the type sold for use at parties and other social functions – see the fourth photo accompanying this listing for example). These are readily available in most places and are often exactly the right size to fit snugly over the original container, creating an airtight seal. If the cups you find in your local area require it, use Clingfilm or sellotape to seal the cup to the base container. It’s also generally rather simple to remove the entire contents of a container without damage, for transference to a larger one of your preference.

We’ve spent years trying out all sorts of new and recycled plastic containers with lids for our germination experiments, but these genuinely are our preferred form – especially when sowing extremely rare seed of limited availability. Just make sure to label them correctly (we tape paper to the bottom of each pot) for your future reference and you’ll soon have an abundance of cool and unique cacti genetics!

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