Phalaris brachystachys | ‘Shortspike Canarygrass’ | Seed


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Phalaris brachystachys is a sought-after grass which is native to the Mediterranean region; these are from our own 2021 harvest. Seed.

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Phalaris brachystachys | ‘Confused Canary Grass’, ‘Shortspike Canary Grass’ | Seeds

We’re happy to offer you these great Phalaris brachystachys seeds, which originate from our own 2021 harvest in Spain! Confirmed as still very viable in January 2024.

An annual grass with similar growth habits and requirements to Phalaris aquatica, this species (commonly known as the ‘Confused Canary-Grass’ and ‘Shortspike Canarygrass’) is native to the Mediterranean region (notably Portugal).

Closely related to the popular ornamental grass Phalaris aquatica, brachystachys prefers wetland habitat, where it grows to an average mature height of thirty centimetres / twelve inches or so. Growing most actively during the spring and autumn, brachystachys should be protected from heavy freezes.

This Phalaris species is easily and commonly grown from seed, eventually resulting in gorgeous, vibrantly green patches of a very large size (careful – some consider this species to be invasive if left to go to seed/unchecked).

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