Pereskiopsis velutina | Live plant

Pereskiopsis velutina is a very useful grafting stock for slower-growing cactus species. Live plant.

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Pereskiopsis velutina | Live plant

(syn. Pereskiopsis diguetii)

Looking for new sources of hardy, fast-growing cactus grafting root stock? Why not try this excellent Pereskiopsis velutina? Available from our shop as live, well-rooted plants.

Sometimes considered synonymous with Pereskiopsis diguetii, velutina is a green-to-brown-to-reddish, thin, branching cactus which reaches up to approximately thirty centimetres / twelve inches in height. Its small, spineless leaves are fleshy and grouped in pairs.

This species requires similar conditions as the closely-related Pereskiopsis spathulata. Grow it in a well-drained, fertile soil mix (we prefer approximately twenty-five to fifty-percent perlite (or similar), with soil as the remainder. Water every few days during the growing season, but only if the top few centimetres of soil mix are completely dry to the touch. Apply a suitable fertiliser every month or two during the growing season and avoid frosts at all costs!

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