Pereskiopsis spathulata | ‘Patilón’ | Live plant

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One of the best species for use as cactus grafting stock! Unrooted cuttings.

Pereskiopsis spathulata | ‘Patilón’ | Live plant

(syn. Opuntia spathulata, Pereskia higueranaPereskia spathulata, Rhodocactus higueranus)

Pereskiopsis spathulata (synonymous with Opuntia spathulata, Pereskia higueranaPereskia spathulata and Rhodocactus higueranus) is a much sought-after cactus species which is native to Mexico (it was reportedly first collected in the region of Guadalajara, Jalisco). These useful cacti will really help you to speed up your grafting – or else simply grow them as an ornamental!

Informally known as ‘Alfilerillo’ and ‘Patilón’, spathulata naturally occurs in USDA Hardiness Zones 10-11. An almost shrub-like species reaching up to roughly two metres in height, it’s stems are covered in densely matted but fine hair, with its fleshy leaves growing to around five centimetres long and its sparse, white to whitish spines reaching approximately two and a half centimetres in length. Red flowers bloom between late spring and midsummer.

Considered by many aficionados of the art to be one of the best stocks on which to graft cactus seedlings, it’s certainly one of the most common species recommended both in the literature and in the community at large. This popularity is due to the plant’s adaptability; it can speedily and easily strike roots, handle varying amounts of water and survive anything from full sun to light shade (and temperatures down to 12°C). It also helps that it has relatively few spines, making it much more pleasant to handle than some alternatives!

The species grows easily from cuttings or seed, in mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil. Space the plants approximately two metres apart to allow them to achieve their full potential.

Here is a great opportunity to start your own sustainable grafting root stock supply – and especially well-suited to grafting Lophophora williamsii and Trichocereus seedlings too. Buy some Pereskiopsis spathulata while stock lasts!

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