Pereskiopsis porteri | ‘Xoconoxtle’ | Live plant

A less commonly cultivated Pereskiopsis species. Live plant.

Pereskiopsis porteri | ‘ Xoconoxtle’ | Live plant

(syn. Grusonia porteri, Opuntia brandegeei, Opuntia porteri, Opuntia rotundifolia, Pereskiopsis brandegeei, Pereskiopsis gatesii)

Try some new grafting stock for your cactus-growing projects, perhaps using some of this Pereskiopsis porteri – available as live, rooted plants, cloned from our mother plants in sunny Spain.

Synonymous with Grusonia porteri, Opuntia brandegeei, Opuntia porteri, Opuntia rotundifolia, Pereskiopsis brandegeei and Pereskiopsis gatesii, Pereskiopsis porteri is a useful cactus species also known as ‘Alcahuesar’, ‘Alcájer’, ‘Alcajes’, ‘Rajamatraca’, ‘Rosa Amarilla’, ‘Xoconoxtle’ and ‘Xoconoxtle Alcájer’. Like it’s close relative, Pereskiopsis spathulata, porterii is native to Mexico, where it’s spread fairly widely (for example, throughout Baja California, Durango, Sinaloa and Sonora). It’s a shrubby or tree-like cactus which grows up to a maximum of roughly four-and-a-half metres / fifteen feet tall, dotted with surprisingly fearsome glochid spines up to approximately five centimetres in length. This species produces yellow flowers of eight centimetres or so diameter and bears glochid-covered, oblong fruit up to roughly five centimetres long. Although edible, it’s stated that such fruit is highly acidic, making it perhaps an acquired taste for all but the most fearsome culinary adventurers!

Although rarely encountered in the average plant collection, porteri is as easy to grow as – say – spathulata. Grow in a well-drained soil mix and provide plenty of sunlight and water, cloning by stem cutting should you wish to propagate it for grafting or other purpose. Fertilise a few times each year for maximum growth rate.

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