Pereskiopsis kellermanii | ‘Cola Lagarto’ | Live plant

Pereskiopsis kellermanii is a somewhat obscure Central American cactus species, useful as grafting stock. Live plant.

Pereskiopsis kellermanii | ‘Cola Lagarto’ | Live plant

(syn. Grusonia kellermanii, Pereskia scandens, Pereskiopsis scandens)

Here’s another rarely encountered cactus which makes for a great grafting stock – Pereskiopsis kellermanii (informally known as ‘Cola Lagarto’), available as live, well-rooted cuttings from our original mother plants in Spain.

Synonymous with Grusonia kellermanii, Pereskia scandens and Pereskiopsis scandens, Pereskiopsis kellermanii was initially collected from the Guatemalan locality of Trapichite, by the American botanist William Ashbrook Kellerman, in 1907. Besides Guatemala, this species also occurs in parts of Mexico (such as Chiapas, Oaxaca and Yucatan). We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have these plants in our collection, as they’re rather rarely encountered in cultivation at the time of writing.

Sprawling-to-shrubby in habit, this cactus grows to roughly six metres tall, with each individual stem possessing a diameter of approximately two centimetres and sprouting multiple (deciduous) smooth, green and somewhat fleshy tapering leaves (up to roughly two centimetres long). Stems are grey-green in colour, cylindrical in structure and feature numerous brown-to-dark-reddish glochids and woolly, white-whitish areoles. Lovely, pale to bright yellow flowers – up to approximately eight centimetres in diameter – bloom between late spring and midsummer, dependent on climate and other factors. These flowers are followed by slow-maturing, reddish fruits which only produce a few seeds each.

We treat this species as we do our other Pereskiopsis species. Essentially, this means planting kellermanii somewhere which receives full sun to light shade, in a freely-draining, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil mix (preferably slightly richer in nutrients than most standard cactus soil).

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Live plant


1 rooted plant


~10cm tall, ~20cm tall

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Cola Lagarto






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