Pereskiopsis gigantea | ‘Super Peres’ | Live plant

Gigantea is a seriously hefty Pereksiopsis with speedy growth. Live plant.

Pereskiopsis gigantea | ‘Super Peres’ | Live plant

Now, here’s an interesting mystery: the stocky Pereskiopsis gigantea, available as live, well-rooted plants.

Pereskiopsis gigantea, or ‘Super Peres’, is a seemingly sparsely-documented form of Pereskiopsis cactus. We say this, as we’ve so far only stumbled across one (illustrated) reference to it during our research to date. Based on our experience cultivating this cactus so far, it’s much chunkier and faster-growing than the more common Pereskiopsis spathulata available from nurseries and private collectors.

We’ll expand this listing as we discover more, so please do email us with any information that you might have on this excellent grafting stock. It’s somewhat similar to both spathulata and Pereskiopsis diguetii, although – it’s certainly worth noting here – one Reddit contributor with access to the latter species observed: “It looks like Diguetii from the more finger like leaves then Spath, which has more spade shaped leaves for most specimens…[but]…it is not Diguetii or the subspecies of it that I grow. And I’m pretty sure it isn’t spath“.

This plant responds well to the same treatment as Pereskiopsis spathulata; plant in a well-drained soil mix of roughly twenty-five to fifty-percent perlite (or similar) and the remainder as your soil of choice. Water much more frequently than the average columnar or globular cactus, albeit remaining vigilant for signs of overwatering. Fertilise lightly a few times each year and avoid frosts and you’ll soon have loads of Pereskiopsis gigantea available for your cactus grafting projects.

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Live plant


1 rooted plant


~10 cm tall, ~15 cm tall, ~20 cm tall

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Super Peres






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