Pereskiopsis diguetti | ‘Alfilerillo’ | Live plant

A rarer, yellow-flowered Pereskiopsis species which is a great addition to any root stock arsenal! Live plant.

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Pereskiopsis diguetti | ‘Alfilerillo’, ‘Cola De Diablo’, ‘Diguet’s Pereskiopsis’, ‘Nopaleta’, ‘Patilón’ | Live plant

(syn. Grusonia diguetti, Opuntia diguetti, Pereskiopsis velutina)

Expanding our range of both popular and less common cactus grafting stock, here’s the rarely encountered Pereskiopsis diguetti – available from our shop as live, well-rooted plants.

Informally known by names such as ‘Alfilerillo’, ‘Cola de Diablo’, ‘Diguet’s Pereskiopsis’, ‘Nopaleta’ and ‘Patilón’, diguett is synonymous with Grusonia diguetti, Opuntia diguetti and Pereskiopsis velutina. As with most other members of the genus Pereskiopsis, this plant is native to and widespread across Mexico. It’s most often used by humans as a grafting root stock, greatly accelerating the growth rate of it’s hosted, slower-growing cactus species.

A branching/shrubby cactus which grows up to roughly two metres / six-and-a-half-feet tall, Pereskiopsis diguetti is covered with spines which reach up to approximately two-and-a-half-centimetres / one-inch in length. New (green-coloured) stems form from the base of the plant, while ovate-to-elliptical, wedged leaves grow to five centimetres / two inches long. Blooms are yellow and a maximum of seven-and-a-half-centimetres / three-inches or so in diameter. Commonly coloured yellow to orange – occasionally reddish too, this species’ fruits have a diameter of roughly one-and-a-half-centimetres / zero-point-six-inches and are up to seven centimetres / three-inches in length.

Grow this plant in a similar fashion to Pereskiopsis spathulata, in a well-drained blend of twenty-five to fifty-percent perlite (or similar), with the remainder being your soil of choice. Water more frequently than most cacti, but always avoid overwatering. Fertilise lightly two-to-three times per year (during the growing season only), avoiding frosts during the colder months.

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