Opuntia monacantha f. monstrosa variegata | ‘Joseph’s Coat’ | Live plant

One of exceedingly few naturally-occurring variegated cacti, ‘Joseph’s Coat’ is also monstrose too! Live plant.

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Opuntia monacantha f. monstrosa variegata cv. ‘Joseph’s Coat’ | Live plant

(syn. Opuntia monacantha f. monstrosa variegata, Opuntia monacantha v. variegata cv. ‘Maverick variegata’, Opuntia vulgaris f. monstrosa variegata, Opuntia vulgaris f. variegata cv. ‘Maverick’)

Freaky Cacti loves the gorgeous Opuntia monacantha f. monstrosa variegata cv. ‘Joseph’s Coat’! Available as healthy, rooted plants, cloned from the mother plants in our garden.

Opuntia monacantha f. monstrosa variegata cv. ‘Joseph’s Coat’ is one of only very few variegated cacti which occur naturally, making it just that bit more special, in our eyes! Essentially, it’s a beautiful, dwarf mutation (both monstrosity and variegation are mutations) of the much larger – and also very popular in cultivation – Opuntia monacantha; a South American species also known as the ‘Barbary Fig’, ‘Cochineal Prickly Pear’ and ‘Drooping Prickly Pear’ cactus. The mutant form grows up to a maximum of roughly one-metre-high (but more commonly approximately half that height), in a sort of twisted-yet-flattened, shrubby or tree-like habit. Beautifully marbled with a range of greens, pinks, whites and yellows, ‘Joseph’s Coat’ brandishes many, very tiny and hair-like, spines. If you’re fortunate, your specimen(s) will reward you in time with delicate, small red to reddish flowers.

Commonly called variously ‘Eltham Indian Fig’, ‘Joseph’s Coat’, ‘Pak’an’ and ‘Sweet Prickly Pear’, this variegated mutant cactus form is synonymous with Opuntia monacantha v. variegata cv. ‘Maverick’, Opuntia vulgaris f. monstrosa variegata and Opuntia vulgaris f. variegata cv. ‘Maverick’.

This species occurs growing naturally in subtropical and tropical moist lowland forest, as well as on sandy banks and shores, and hence enjoys a comparatively greater quantity of watering than do many cacti (such as those of the Trichocereus genus).

Unlike some types of variegated and other mutant cacti, we’ve found ‘Joseph’s Coat’ to be really easy to cultivate in our collection. We use the same sort of easily-drained soil mix as we do for most of our other cacti – roughly equal parts of mildly alkaline to mildly neutral soil and perlite – and water only during the growing season, when the top layer of soil dries out totally. Avoid frosts and fertilise lightly a few times each season for maximum health and general vigour!

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Live plant


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Joseph's Coat





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