Nymphaea pubescens | ‘Red Lotus’, ‘Sacred Lily of the Nile’ | Dried flowers

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Top-quality dried Nymphaea pubescens flowers! Organically-produced in Thailand.

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Nymphaea pubescens | ‘Red Lotus’, ‘Sacred Lily of the Nile’ | Dried flowers

(syn. Nymphaea rubra)

We’re excited to expand our botanicals range with these top-quality dried Nymphaea pubescens flowers! Harvested in 2020 on an organic farm in Thailand.

This gorgeous red-coloured variety of Nymphaea pubescens (synonymous with Nymphaea rubra) is commonly known as the ‘Red Lotus’ or ‘Red Water Lily’, while the species as a whole is called by many names, including ‘Bean of India’, ‘Blue Egyptian Lotus’, ‘Blue Water Lily’, ‘Hairy Water Lily’, ‘Indian Lotus’, ‘Kokaa’, ‘Kumuda’, ‘Neel Kamal’, ‘Pink Water Lily’, ‘Sacred Lily of the Nile’, ‘Sacred Lotus’ and ‘Shapla’.

Native to temperate and tropical regions of Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan, pubescens is also quite popular in cultivation too. This has led to the creation of several ‘artificial’ varieties, in addition to the numerous species hybrids observed in the wild.

Nymphaea pubescens is a magnificent perennial aquatic plant of the Nymphaeaceae, which anchors itself to river and lakebeds by means of erect rhizomes. Its papery leaves can grow to anywhere between fifteen and fifty centimetres, appearing round above the waterline (on which the majority float) and heart-shaped below. The stems and undersides of the leaves are covered with a fine fuzz or hair, giving rise to the species name, meaning “hairy”. Pubescens‘ beautiful flowers usually close up during daylight hours, opening at night to a maximum of roughly fifteen centimetres in diameter. Dependent on the variety, the colour of the blooms can be anything from white to pink to mauve to purple. Habitat-wise, Nymphaea pubescens is partial to non-acidic, shallow lakes and ponds in temperate and tropical climates where the temperature does not drop below 15°C. This makes it suitable for USDA Hardiness Zones 4-11.

Traditionally and historically, the species’ amazing flowers have been a common element of decorative water gardens, while it’s well known that the Lotus flower was/is highly revered by Buddhist, Egyptian and Hindu religions as a representation of fertility, prosperity, purity and vitality. The flowers of the plant are used as an aphrodisiac and a tonic in India and Nepal, as well as to treat disorders including blenorrhagia and menorrhagia, diabetes and liver and urinary problems. Commercially, Nymphaea pubescens is a popular ornamental aquarium plant, while florists and herbalists often use its dried parts.

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