Harrisia jusbertii | ‘Queen of the Night’ | Live plant


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Harrisia jusbertii is a great grafting root stock – and an excellent cactus in its own right! Live plant.

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Harrisia jusbertii | ‘Queen of the Night’ | Live plant

(syn. Cereus jusbertii, Eriocereopsis jusbertii, Eriocereus jusbertii, Harrisinopsis jusbertii)

We finally introduce the popular Harrisia jusbertii to our range of useful cactus graft rooting stock! Available as healthy, rooted cacti, cloned from our mother plants.

Harrisia jusbertii, currently synonymous with Cereus jusbertii, Eriocereopsis jusbertii, Eriocereus jusbertii and Harrisinopsis jusbertii, is a dark green, columnar cactus with minimal branching. Its stems grow to approximately six centimetres in diameter once mature, hosting minimal, short spines. Beautiful, white-whitish flowers appear only at night, are funnel-shaped and average roughly eighteen or nineteen centimetres in length. these strongly-scented blooms are followed by green-tan-yellow-red, fleshy fruits, although the species is self-sterile.

Similar to that other useful grafting stock, Selenicereus grandiflorus, this cactus species is known informally as the ‘Queen of the Night’. It’s not known for certain exactly where jusbertii originates from, but it’s suggested by some authorities that Argentina and Paraguay are candidate countries. Interestingly, some believe that Harrisia jusbertii might in fact be a naturally-occurring intergenic hybrid, tentatively involving a species such as Harrisia pomanensis, crossed with Echinopsis eyriesii.

Jusbertii produces relatively tall columns, which prove valuable as root stock when grafting slower-growing and/or rarer species. Notably, the scions grafted to this species may not grow as fast as when hosted by some other popular grafting stocks, but do tend to grow truer to their natural form – and can even handle the occasional (light!) frost too.

Cultivate this excellent, easy to grow species in a well-drained (a fifty/fifty mix of soil and perlite is good, in our humble opinion), sandy soil and water only when the top layer of this substrate becomes completely dry when checked. Propagate via seed or cutting and fertilise with your preferred product(s) a few times each year, during the – warmer – growing season.

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Live plant


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Queen of the Night






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