Flat-Tipped Metal Tweezers


These metal tweezers are certainly handy for a whole host of tasks – especially plucking cactus spines from your tender skin!

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Flat-Tipped Metal Tweezers

These high-quality, metal flat-tipped tweezers seem well-suited to join our collection, being perfect for pulling out those pesky cactus spines from your tender epidermis! Enabling pinpoint accuracy, they also come in handy for a wide range of other horticultural tasks (for example, picking up smaller seeds or removing pests), as well as in the pursuit of other hobbies too (such as arts and crafts, home electronics and jewellery-making).

Crafted from durable metal, these tweezers measure approximately twelve centimetres long by one-centimetre-wide, perfectly sized to fit seamlessly and comfortably into the average adult hand. This size and design offer the user precise control and ease of use, making them an integral part of every cultivator’s arsenal. If you’re seriously working with cacti, we highly recommend also investing in a pair of thorn-proof cactus gloves to further protect your hands.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice hobbyist, these tweezers are a worthy investment!

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