Echinopsis hybrid cv. ‘Haku-jo Maru’ | Live plant


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A quirky, Japanese-produced Echinopsis hybrid. Live plant.

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Echinopsis hybrid cv. ‘Haku-jo Maru’ | Live plant

Every cactus collection should include at least one specimen of the weird and wonderful Japanese Echinopsis hybrid cv. ‘Haku-Jo Maru’! Available as live, well-rooted plants.

A rather strange specimen indeed, this mutated, nursery-originated crossbred cultivar has oddly-shaped ribs, featuring woolly areoles connected by a felted or fuzzy (usually white) line. Notably, ‘Haku-jo Maru’ is generally believed to a chimaera, meaning (if true) that it’s composed of two genetically distinct plants which are now merged together. Whatever its actual parentage, one of them seems to have contributed an eye-catching mutation to the party, with freaky results! Even weirder, there’s also a cristate form of this cultivar, as well as an – absolutely mind-blowing in appearance! – monstrose and cristate type.

This fascinating form of this impressive cactus hybrid grows fairly quickly, to a maximum height of roughly thirty centimetres or so. Trumpet-shaped flowers – growing only from normal ribs which occasionally appear through reversion – appear between spring and summer, commonly coloured pale yellow-to-white. ‘Haku-jo Maru’ is a prolific producer of new pups, given optimal cultivation conditions and such.

Although it’s fairly low-maintenance, we prefer to grow this plant slightly more tenderly than the majority of our Echinopsis and Trichocereus collection (a little less direct sun, for example). As with many other cacti, plant it in a well-drained, mildly alkaline to mildly acidic soil mix (we use up to roughly fifty-percent perlite in ours) in USDA Hardiness Zones eight through ten, watering only once the top centimetre or two is completely dry to the touch. Fertilise it two to three times each year and pay attention to what the plant tells you!

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