Desmanthus leptolobus | ‘Prairie Bundleflower’ | Seeds

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Here we offer the exceptionally rare Desmanthus leptolobus – harvested from our own plants in 2023! Seed.

Desmanthus leptolobus | ‘Prairie Mimosa’, ‘Prairie Bundleflower’, ‘Slenderlobe Bundleflower’ | Seeds

Freaky Cacti is exceptionally proud to offer our own (excellent quality!) Desmanthus leptolobus seed – harvested from our garden in late summer, 2023. This is a real personal achievement for us, as this particular species is only very, very rarely available anywhere – commercially or otherwise. We’ve been growing this delicately beautiful species on and off for several years now, but this is the first time we took our plants all the way to harvest, so we thought we should make the seeds available to other interested growers. At the time of writing (as far as we can ascertain), we’re the only people offering this worthwhile rarity in any form; a privilege and a great responsibility, we believe!

A flowering perennial shrub native to parts of the USA (originally only in the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, but now spread further afield), Desmanthus leptolobus is commonly known as the ‘Prairie Mimosa’, ‘Prairie Bundleflower’ or ‘Slenderlobe Bundleflower’. It’s closely related to the far more common Desmanthus illinoensis, with which it often co-occurs in the wild. The two species can be told apart most easily by the shape and size of their respective seed pods – leptolobus produces fewer, longer and narrower ones than does illinoensis, which forms dense clusters of short flattish pods. Leptolobus is also generally shorter and more prostrate than its sibling species. While the two species may often be found growing together, they do not form hybrids to any noticeable degree. The species is one of several early-appearing components of land-reclamation vegetation, which rapidly disappears once shrub and tree species establish themselves.

Growing easily from seed in USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8 (it can handle freezes down to 20°C / -4° F), Desmanthus leptolobus grows fairly erect when young from its woody base, often later turning to a more prostrate form. Its few to numerous reddish-green trailing stems grow up to roughly a metre in length, while its tapering cylindrical taproot has been observed to reach up to a metre and a half, although only attains one to two centimetres in diameter. The leaves of leptolobus grow from around two and a half centimetres to six or so centimetres long, while its curved – almost stalk-less – pointy leaflets are approximately two to five centimetres long by five to ten millimetres wide. The latter are narrowly elliptic to linear and are arranged in fifteen to twenty-five pairs.

A highly rewarding plant to grow from seed, germination is improved by slight scarification and/or a twelve to twenty-four-hour soak pre-treatment – although this is not always an essential requirement, in our experience. A proper guide will follow soon, but for now you might like to take a look at the Desmanthus illinoensis grow guide in our Cultivation section – they’re fairly similar in requirements.

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