Cactus Pen | Ballpoint/Gel Ink


Great novelty cactus pens!

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Cactus Pen | Ballpoint/Gel Ink

Inspired by the joy of receiving our very own cactus pen (geek alert!), we’ve introduced these great novelty ballpoint/gel ink pens for our store. Perfect for any cactophile looking for a fun and personal touch, these pens are a must-have accessory for your green-thumbed friends.

Crafted from robust plastic, these pens are designed to last. They stand tall at 15.3cm in length and are just 1.8cm wide (at their broadest point), making them portable and convenient for everyday use. The pens come in vibrant shades of light or dark green, adding a pop of color to any workspace or desk. Each pen features a cactus design, making them not just a unique gift, but a conversation starter that adds a touch of whimsy to any occasion.

Whether you’re a cactus aficionado or simply appreciate the charm of these plants, these pens are a thoughtful gift that’s sure to brighten up any cactus grower’s day!

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