Acacia simplex (syn. Acacia simplicifolia) | ‘Tatakia’ | Seeds

Acacia simplex (formerly Acacia simplicifolia) is an extraordinarily rare tree species originating from the Pacific islands. Seed.

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Acacia simplex | ‘Tatakia’ | Seeds

(syn. Acacia laurifolia, Acacia simplicifolia, Mimosa simplicifolia)

Extremely rarely available on the open market (almost as much so as Desmanthus leptolobus), Acacia simplex (synonymous with Acacia laurifolia, Acacia simplicifolia and Mimosa simplicifolia) is a fantastic tree or shrub, endemic to Fiji, Samoa, New Caledonia, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Although this highly desirable Acacia species does not have an English common name as of the present day, it is known in the Pacific as ‘Martaoui’, ‘Tatagia’, ‘Tātāngia’ and ‘Tatakia’. Much coveted by serious Acacia collectors, this perennial ‘wattle’ can be grown in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11, where it reaches up to twelve metres or so in height. Acacia simplex‘s striking, broadly elliptical phyllodes are smoothly glossy, five to ten centimetres long and quite thick, while the small, ball-shaped flowers are followed by approximately fifteen-centimetre-long seed pods. The seed pods are fairly typical in shape for an Acacia species.

Acacia simplex often occurs on sandy dunes and seashores and can handle anything from mildly acidic to highly alkaline soil. Owing to both certain natural substances it produces and its proclivity for the sea’s environs, the species is sometimes used to stun fish, without any subsequent ill effects being suffered by the people who eat them.

Although remaining viable for many years under suitable storage conditions (as do most other Acacia), simplex seed benefits greatly from a simple pre-germination treatment (such as soaking for twelve to twenty-four hours – until the seeds swell – in hot water). We recommend taking a look at our Info section for more details on that.

To summarise: Believe us when we say that Acacia simplex is an absolute must for any true explorer or conservator of the Acacia genus! As collectors ourselves, we very much recommend that you buy some of this seed while you can, as we’ve no current source for more.

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