Acacia obtusifolia | ‘Blunt-Leaf Wattle’ | Seeds


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Endangered in the wild, the ‘Blunt Leaf Wattle’ is a spreading tree, closely related to Acacia longifolia. Seeds.

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Acacia obtusifolia | ‘Blunt-Leaf Wattle’ | Seeds

(syn. Acacia intertexta, Acacia longifolia v. obtusifolia, Racosperma obtusifolium)

Endangered in the wild, the Australian Acacia obtusifolia (known informally as the ‘Blunt-Leaf Wattle’ or ‘Stiff-Leaf Wattle’) is an upright to spreading tree of the Fabaceae that is closely related to Acacia longifolia. These seeds were imported from a specialist grower in Australia; we currently have no plans to obtain more once our current stock runs out.

Distinguishable from longifolia by its resinous phyllode margins – as well as its paler flowers which bloom later in the year (December to February) – this is a perennial species which grows to between one-and-a-half to eight metres tall, dependent on its environment. It’s synonymous with Acacia intertexta, Acacia longifolia var. obtusifolia and Racosperma obtusifolium.

Preferring frost-free climates between USDA Zones 9 and 11 (ours grow in northern Spain), obtusifolia may often be found growing on and around sandstone ridges situated well above the frost line. Do your bit for an endangered Acacia species and add this wattle to your garden!

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