Acacia confusa | ‘Formosa Wattle’ | Seeds


Acacia confusa (‘Formosa Wattle’) is a magnificent tree native to South-East Asia. Seeds.

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Acacia confusa | ‘Acacia Petit Feuille’, ‘Formosan Koa’, ‘Formosa Wattle’, ‘Small Philippine Acacia’, ‘Taiwan Acacia’ | Seeds

(syn. Acacia richii, Racosperma confusum)

This listing is for seeds of the popular Asian tree species, Acacia confusa. This plant is commonly known by names such as ‘Acacia Petit Feuille’, ‘Formosan Koa’, ‘Formosa Wattle’, ‘Small Philippine Acacia’ and ‘Taiwan Acacia’.

Acacia confusa is a magnificent perennial tree, native to South-East Asia, which can grow to a height of around fifteen metres. It’s also now common in the tropical Pacific areas, including Hawaii. The seeds we sell here were imported from a grower in Taiwan.

Synonymous with Acacia richii and Racosperma confusum, this species and its products are used variously in environmental management, the production of chemicals, traditional medicine and food and drink (especially as a spice and taste enhancer). Confusa‘s dense wood is a favourite material for making flooring and support beams and is also converted to charcoal.

Confusa is really easy to grow from seed, providing great germination rates even several years after harvest – when provided with suitable conditions (a good soak in hot water until swelled, then germination on tissue usually works very well for us). The speed of growth subsequent to germination really is noticeably faster comparable to species such as Acacia acuminata (all varieties) and Acacia simplicifolia (‘Tatakia’, synonymous with Acacia simplex), for example.

An essential addition to any proper Acacia collection, growing well in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 11 with low maintenance.

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