Freaky Cacti offers a carefully-curated selection of popular and rarer seeds, sourced from both our own gardens and those of other, trusted breeders. Whether you’re on the hunt for Lophophora or an obscure Trichocereus hybrid, we aim to be of service. But we don’t stop at cacti! When stocks allow, we also offer seeds of fascinating species from outside the cactus group, such as Acacia, Desmanthus and Mimosa.

Growing plants from seeds is a very rewarding pastime – check our informational pages for helpful tips and advice to make your plant growing journey even more satisfying. Whether you’re looking for advice on plant care, or just want to learn more about the fascinating world of cacti and other plants, we’ve got you covered. Email us if you’re searching for something in particular too, as we can also often source seed not listed on our website – or at least point you in the right direction.

Free shipping for all European orders containing only seeds, when you spend €50 or more (not including the usual postage costs).

Located outside of the EU? Contact us directly if you’d like to purchase seeds and we can usually arrange this (dependent on your location).

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Showing all 9 results