Recommended Books About Peyote

Here’s a work-in-progress list of some fascinatingly informative books about Peyote cacti! The essential tomes listed here mainly focus on the cultivation, history and science of the species and – in our opinion – are well worth seeking out. Please let us know of any non-fiction books about Lophophora williamsii that we’ve missed for inclusion, as we aspire to make this a comprehensive list of Peyote-related reference works.

Books About Peyote (Lophophora williamsii)

Edward F. Anderson – ‘Peyote: The Divine Cactus’
Keeper Trout & Friends – ‘Trout’s Notes on San Pedro & Related Trichocereus Species’
Stacy B. Schaefer & Peter T. Furst – ‘People of the Peyote – Huichol Indian History, Religion & Survival’

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