A Gallery of Cactus Flowers

Cactus flowers must be among the most beautiful and distinctive in the world, bursting forth with a surprising and diverse array of intensely-coloured¬†inflorescence when you least expect it – and often for one night only! These flowers are truly unique, varying greatly in appearance dependant on the species of the cactus which produces them. Typically, tubular and multi-petaled, such blooms grow from a plant’s areoles, often (but not always) from on or near the top of the cactus. They come in a vibrant range of colours and patterns, and are generally radially symmetrical, although may be bilaterally symmetrical in some species.

Trichocereus cactus species (which we specialise in, if you’ve not noticed) tend to have white or whitish flowers, with notable exceptions including Trichocereus crassicaulis (which has orange-red-magenta-pink flowers) and the rather rare Trichocereus tulhuayacensis (some forms of which produce pink or red flowers). That said, we’ve curated this modest gallery of some incredibly beautiful cactus flowers of various species and hybrids which we grow. As you can see from the images below (which we expect to add to over time), these currently include a selection of lovely plants from the Echinopsis, Opuntia and Trichocereus.

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